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Dancer // Choreographer // Costume Designer


Born in Spain, Rebecca was introduced to dance at the early age of 2 when she attended her first Ballet class.Thanks to many years of training in different styles such as, Flamenco & Classical Spanish dancing (Rafael Amargo…),Hip-Hop(Nike pro…),Salsa & Bachata(Adrián y Anita 6 times World Champions), Jazz,Commercial, Lyrical, Bollywood & so on(Pineapple Dance Studios, Studio 68…)and being a majorette,this has given her the knowledge she has today.
She started her first dance contract at the age of 14 whilst still combining school and moving on to her formal Baccaulaurate of Humanities studies.

She has had the amazing opportunity to work as an all-round dancer in countries like: Spain,UK,United Arab Emirates & Morrocco in dance companies,famous worldwide theme parks and luxurious restaurants.
Rebecca has also worked as “choreographer and producer” for TUI Cruises, TEDgroup,Tramuntana Productions, Brian Glicker and charity events producing Latin,Broadway and even Burlesque shows apart from teaching in dance academies & forming her own dance crews who competed in amateur dance contests.
More recently she has also been “dance captain & assistant choreographer” for Romantic Corporate and continues to work as photographic model/image girl.

In her late 20s she obtained her master´s degree as costume designer at BAU University (Barcelona) launching her own collection & working as pattern maker & seamstress long distance with a spanish chain of swimwear called ‘Chloe’.In addition, she is also a qualified English teacher. 

“A dream does not become reality through magic;
it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”
 ~ Colin Powell ~